National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College (previously known as Kumamoto National College of Technology) consists of six departments and two advanced courses concerning electronics and information engineering and “combined” general engineering.

All the departments, with basic skills of Information and Communication Technology in common, aim at educating students to be practical and creative engineers in international situations and contributing to our communities with our skills and knowledge of technology.

The following are our aims and missions.


  1. To train and educate students to be creative engineers equipped with the practical knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers
  2. To enhance and develop the level of higher education in Japan


  1. To train and educate students to be what we consider “ideal engineers”
  2. To make a technological contribution to the community

Locations of Campuses

Kumamoto campus:
2659-2 Suya, Koshi, Kumamoto
Yatsushiro campus:
2627 Hirayamashin-Machi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto

Access & Campus Map

Departments and Advanced Courses

Three departments at Kumamoto Campus are deeply related to electronics and information engineering:

Yatsushiro Campus has three departments of “combined” general engineering:

Our college has the faculty of liberal studies on both campuses:


Students can acquire higher skills and knowledge and broad perspective to be more practical and creative engineers through additional two-year education at Advanced Course of Electronics and Information Systems Engineering (Kumamoto Campus) and Production Systems Engineering (Yatsushiro Campus).

Promotion of cooperation with local communities and educational development assistance of the communities

Our college intends to deepen the relevance of its academic programs and contribute to our local communities by becoming a resource for industrial development and personnel training. We will cooperate with local industries and educational organizations through our ICT Center for Learning Support, Problem Based Learning and Integrated Education Center, Research Innovation Center and Center for Technical and Educational Support.