Department of Information, Communication and Electronic Engineering

“Information and communication” is the technology that consists of information engineering (computer sciences) and communication engineering, and offers convenient and high-performance services as typified in cell phones. Information terminals and electronic devices consist of ICs (integrated circuits). It is not exaggeration to say that today’s informationoriented society has not been made without technology of the electronics (electronic engineering) such as semiconductor engineering.

“Information and communication engineering” and “electronics engineering ” are used in wide fields of communication/broadcast, manufacturing industry of cars and household appliances, transportation/circulation, and medical care/welfare in our environments. It is highly expected to develop and grow in the future as fundamental technology in order to realize the society with information technology, called ICT society where we feel convenient and secured.

In this department, students can learn professional skills of “information and communication engineering” and “electronics engineering”. They can also learn the advanced techniques that are made of both areas of engineering. We aim at upbringing of engineers who can meet the advanced, diversified, and globalized needs of the recent information and communication, and electronics.

The curricula consist of an information and communication course, which has telecommunication including computer networks and multimedia technologies, and an electronics course, which covers from semiconductor devices to circuit systems.

Academic Staff

update April, 2018

Title Name Degree Major Field
Professor Ichirou OOTA D.Eng. Switching power supply
Yoshitada IYAMA D.Eng. Microwave Engineering
Toyonori MATSUDA D.Eng. Diffractive Optics
Nobuhiro OISHI D.Eng. Surface Science
Eiji NISHIYAMA D.Eng. Measurement Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Kiyoteru HAYAMA D.Eng. Semiconductor devices, Microcomputer Engineering
Hiroyuki ODAGAWA D.Eng. Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Devices
Minoru MOTOKI D.Eng. Intelligent Systems
Kenichirou TAKAKURA D.Eng. Electronic Materials
Kazuo NAGATA D.Eng. Computer Network, Human Interface
Isao TSUNODA D.Eng. Semiconductor devices, Semiconductor Processing
Takaaki ISHIBASHI D.Eng. Mathematical Information Engineering, Signal Processing
Hirohito SHINTANI D.Eng. Neural Computing
Makoto OHKI D.Eng. Decision Making, Application of the Fuzzy measure
Yuki YOSHINO D.Eng. Electromagnetic Compatibility