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Faculty of Liberal Studies

Integrative Reorganization of the National Colleges of Technology in the Kumamoto Area The “new” KUMAMOTO National College of Technology makes its start in October, 2009, as an institution consisting of six departments and two advanced courses on two campuses.  In order to further advance the quality of education, the new college is organized to integrate two existing colleges in the Kumamoto area, the “current” Kumamoto National College of Technology and Yatsushiro National College of Technology.   The new college also provides a substantial academic environment by incorporating various educational facilities into three centers that support its research, teaching and independent-learning functions as well as promote cooperation with local communities.

1.The locations of the college

Kumamoto campus ( presently known as Kumamoto National College of Technology),
Koshi-Shi, Kumamoto
Yatsushiro campus ( presently known as Yatsushiro National College of Technology),
Yatsushiro-Shi, Kumamoto

2.Departments and Advanced Courses

The current total of eight departments from the present colleges are reorganized into six new departments in the new college: Three ICT-related departments on the Kumamoto campus and three departments of general engineering on the Yatsushiro campus. The five current categories of advanced courses are similarly reorganized into two majors. This raises the new college to the level of a higher research and educational institution that especially emphasizes the teaching of manufacturing technology.

3.Faculty of Liberal Studies

This faculty aims at achievement of basic academic ability which is requisite for major subjects. We demand students to acquire the knowledge and education to go out into the world, and to cultivate vivid humanity. Based on the curriculums at the general high schools and colleges, our curriculum is planned to acquire general knowledge, sociality, and internationalism.

4.Promotion of cooperation with the local community and the advancement of education

Kumamoto National College of Technology intends to deepen the relevance of its academic programs and contribute to the local community by becoming a resource for industrial development and personnel training. It will cooperate with local industry and educational organizations through its ICT Center for Learning Support, its Problem Based Learning and Integrated Education Center, and its Research Innovation Center.